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Scott Smith

Scott grew up in Tanzania to missionary parents and currently works as a physician in emergency medicine in the USA. He is involved with several projects in Tanzania and Kenya, including Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital and Worldview Campsite.

Profits from Punda Pass Safaris are donated to Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital which are used to support the health care in the rural communities around Amboseli National Park in Kenya.


Olchulunoti Leina is a young Maasai warrior who was born and raised in Engare Sero, a village on the shores of Lake Natron in the northern region of Tanzania. If you've ever watched a documentary about Africa's famous flamingos, chances are that you have probably already seen his village in the distance! Leina attended Engare Sero primary school and Lake Natron secondary school and Ordinary Diploma in Wildlife Management and conservation at the college of African Wildlife Management, before undertaking a bachelor's degree in Wildlife Tourism and becoming registered as a tour guide. Before obtaining his qualifications, he had already shown an aptitude for this field and was working as local guide in and around Lake Natron, taking visitors to experience the superb and surprising waterfall walk, checking out the magnificent flamingos up close along the lake shore, climbing the culturally significant active volcano, Oldonyo Lengai, and visiting local Maasai bomas. Then expanded his horizons to include the world-famous Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa's highest mountain) and wildlife safaris, eventually graduating to become a registered tour guide which qualifies him to work in cultural, mountain, wildlife and other forms of guiding. With his own Maasai heritage and a lifetime of experience and knowledge.


Scott and Olchulunoti are passionate about wildlife and adventure, and have joined forces to create "PUNDA PASS SAFARIS LTD." With Olchulunoti's expertise in wildlife conservation and Scott's background in hospitality, they are dedicated to crafting unforgettable safari experiences. From thrilling game drives in the heart of the savannah to cozy nights under the stars, Punda Pass Safaris LTD promises a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation for nature enthusiasts. Explore the wild with expert guides, luxurious accommodations, and a commitment to preserving the natural wonders they showcase. Join Olchulunoti and Scott on an expedition of a lifetime!

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